Roofdeck D60

Load/span figures
The tables are based on a total 'Dead & Super' imposed load of 1.50kN/m2, a line load of 2.00kN/m and a deflection limit of L/200. The factor of safety used is 1.5. Where actual design loads exceed these, the spans must be reduced. Subject to satisfactory fixings, the decks will resist wind uplift to at least the value of 1.50kN/m2, and a deflection limit of L/90. Full load span tables may be obtained from our website: or from our technical department.

Maximum cantilevers assume a 0.9kN point load on the end, with the adjacent span being the single span as shown in the table. The end of the cantilever must be stiffened with an angle flashing. Steel type is taken as galvanised at 280N/mm2 guaranteed minimum yield stress and coated steel at 220N/mm2

Sheet lengths – extended end laps
Sheet lengths in excess of 12 metres are not practical for installation on site and may also be subject to delivery restrictions. Extended end laps can be used to create a double span whilst keeping the deck length to a minimum. If a deck length in excess of 12 metres is nevertheless required, contact our Technical Department for assistance.

Point and impact loads
Metal decking may mark if subjected to extreme point or impact load. Where the sheet is required as an exposed soffit, a thicker qauge should be considered if localised marking is not acceptable.

Self curving can induce stress marking in the sheet. The radius limits suggested in the tables reduce the visible effect of this; however some perceptible distortion may occur.

This is only small selection of the profile ranges we have on offer. For details on the full range of profiles we have available please download the PDF at the bottom of the page or contact us on 0870 77 09 095:

Roofdeck D60

Material Gauge & finish (mm) Weight (kg/m²) Load/Span maximum Single Span (mm) Load/Span maximum Double Span (mm) Minimum self curve (m) Minimum factory (mm) Maximum Cantilever (mm)
Steel 0.7 Colorcoat® 8.20 3000 3300 70 n/a 725
Steel 0.7 Galvanised 8.20 3000 3800 70 n/a 725
Steel 0.9 Galvanised 10.55 3300 4500 80 n/a 800
Steel 1.2 Galvanised 14.09 3700 4900 80 n/a 800
Aluminium 0.9 Stucco 3.66 2400 3000 70 n/a 575
Aluminium 1.2 Plain 4.88 2600 3500 70 n/a 625


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